Moving + Business Update

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that my husband and I recently announced that we’re moving back to our hometown of St. Louis - and that this means some changes to Satisfy Nutrition! Here’s the business updates so far:

Available Services

As we transition to a new city, I’m also transitioning to a new job - so my business isn’t going away, but it is changing. I stopped taking new clients 2 months ago to prepare for this change, and am currently in the middle of helping all of my clients transition to new dietitians as I am no longer seeing clients one-on-one, including virtually.


In Denver, my practice specialties have included eating disorders, PCOS, and intuitive eating - to help narrow things down, in the future I’ll focus primarily on managing PCOS from an intuitive eating perspective. Which brings me to…

What Happens Next

Quick version: not sure! Long version: I’m hoping to keep providing resources and options to learn more about PCOS and intuitive eating and I’m not ruling anything out (courses, e-books, etc). In the meantime, I’m hoping to keep posting more regularly to Instagram too.

Where to Find a Dietitian

Here are some of my favorite HAES dietitians in Denver!

Thank you

Thank you so much for everyone who has left comments, message, or kind words about our move! Denver has been a joy and I/we are excited for the next chapter!

No, You Don't Need to Count Calories

No, You Don't Need to Count Calories

One of the biggest myths in eating is the idea of “calories in, calories out.” That by simply “balancing” or manipulating the amount of calories we take in with the amount of calories we burn is a direct path to weight change, health, and happiness. My goal for this post is to highlight some of the (several) reasons that calorie counting is unnecessary and calories in, calories out is scientifically unsound (and likely damaging to our relationship with food).

How To Take The Diet Mentality Out of Nutrition

How To Take The Diet Mentality Out of Nutrition

I’ve been doing more Q&A’s on Instagram lately and got a great question the other day that felt right for a blog post: how do I care for my body with nutrition without dieting?

This can be a such a hard question to approach if you have a history of dieting or an eating disorder. Diet culture tends to reduce nutrition to restriction, whether it’s through villainizing certain foods, calorie counting, ignoring hunger cues, or other methods. It’s my goal for this post to share how to start reframing the diet mindset and be able to use nutrition knowledge to support your body instead of punishing it.