December eats

Heyohhhhh it's almost Christmas!! So excited. So ready. So hungry.Actually, this year my holiday schedule is a little thrown off by a trip to see my guy in Idaho, but really you can do the holidays anytime you want right? His company gifted us a whole turkey (!!!) so we'll be figuring out what the heck to do with that on Sunday and in the meantime we have piles of chocolate chip cookies + sweet potato hashbrowns to tide us over. Then we'll fly back home in time for New Year's Eve and get a whole week with our families before he's the best man in a wedding then has to fly back for more work.

This week's eats have actually been realllly simple because there's only two of us, so we make one thing and eat it for a few days. But I thought it would be a fun recap to share what I've been loving/snacking on throughout the whole month of December, because there are definitely some new favorites in here!


Keeping it simple after a full weekend at the outlets Christmas shopping with Drew's family! Salmon + veggies and I'm sure there was fruit on the side. Plus this book and my new 32-oz cup that's keeping me hydrated all the day long.


Carb loading for a day of studying with oats + AB + frozen bluebs + chia seeds + cinnamon.


Later that day... Whole Foods study fuel in the form of fresh salads + sushi rolls with Michelle while we learned all the things! I also tried the pineapple La Croix and coincidentally found the newest drink love of my life. Also, can we talk about the fact that we studied nutrition IN A GROCERY STORE? #meanttobe


I made this reindeer chow for a holiday party at Children's in the hopes that it would help them remember me when I left... I have no idea if it worked or not, but I put the extra mix on yogurt for about a week so it turned out well for me! I used the recipe for muddy buddies on the back of the Chex box but did 1/2 PB and 1/2 Nutella, then tossed in the extra chocolate chips, mini M&M's, and marshmallows. Perfection.


Speaking of sweet treats... we play a fairly aggressive game of Bunko to win white elephant gifts during shopping weekend, and I had the extreme pleasure of winning some gooey butter cookie mix. These actually tasted more like sweet cornbread bites, but I'm not complaining.


Still having dreams about this Skinny Taste chicken marsala (I used the cookbook but I think this is the same recipe). During my internship, I currently live with some sweet family friends that were nice enough to lend me their extra bedroom, so I made this for family dinner since they are too nice and love on me too much. I paired it with roasted baby red potatoes and asparagus and it hit the spot after 2 huge finals that took all day.


My flight to Idaho was SEVERELY delayed last Saturday, so my momma picked me back up and I headed home to repack in a carryon (in the hopes that my luggage wouldn't get lost. Which it did anyway. But that's a different story). However, I also had time to try my first Banza pasta (completely made out of chickpeas and completely delicious) which I mixed with sauteed spinach and mushrooms and threw some Parmesan on top after this photo. It was SO surprisingly good and really satisfying, which is saying something because I love pasta but I feel like I never get full with it/don't know when to stop. So when I was respectably full and happy with my eats after a smallish bowl of this, I was happy as a clam. I'll definitely be eating more and more of this next semester. I found a box at Target, so go check it out!


Since flying out to Idaho, I've been spending lots and lots of time relaxing and re-watching Friends since Drew still has to work while I'm out here. I've been fitting in barre workouts which has been great, plus cooking basically whatever I feel like which is also fabulous. Conveniently, he had all the ingredients for this honey beer bread so I mixed it up one day while he was working and of course sampled some before he got home. SO GOOD.


Annnnd last but not least, my breakfasts lately have been on point since I have time for more than yogurt and fruit, or almond butter on toast (#studentproblems). I finally mastered the art of cooking an omelette, which I may have to have Drew film during the weekend while he's home because I only have two hands. But anyway, this bad boy had peppers and onions and cheese on the inside plus plenty of baby tomatoes on top (warm tomatoes freak me out, so I waited until the end for these). Banana and PB on the side as per usual.

I hope everyone has been having a relaxing week leading up to the holiday! Eat something good and hug your people close. Happy holidays!