WIAW + February Goals

"Halfway there and livin' on a prayer" ---> Wednesday vibes. I'm slowwwwwly getting back into the swing of things following my car accident a week and a half ago and while I'm still taking a break from exercise, I've been adding some "normal" things to my schedule to help me feel less displaced - like meal planning and Skype dates with my parents. I also signed up for a handlettering workshop during Valentine's Day weekend since Drew is far away and I wanted to do something fun.Since exercise is off the table at the moment, I've been focusing on trying to get enough sleep and I end up in bed by 9:30 nowadays. I've also been working on unplugging from my phone by setting a "do not disturb" block from 10 pm - 7 am. Baby steps.


Lately I've had blueberry overnight oats for pretty much every breakfast. I bought a frozen bag of berries from Target a while back and they get perfectly thawed in the oats and turn them all a gorgeous shade of purple. Usually I do about 1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup almond milk, a generous 1/4 cup whole milk yogurt, chia seeds, fruit, and a drizzle of honey on top.

Today I also opted for a hardboiled egg on the side so I could *hopefully* ensure that I stayed full until lunch (fail, but good effort). I ate this quickly at home then headed to WIC to help with clinic for the morning by taking heights/weights plus shadowing appointments.img_0002

Yesterday my intern duties included tagging along to a shoot with the health department to make some Tasty-style videos! I've always been curious to find out what exactly goes down behind the scenes and y'all, it is so. much. work. I never thought about how planned those shoots have to be, but the coordinators were so organized and everything flowed like a dream. They had piles of leftovers that my preceptor insisted I snag (not complaning) so today, I had some leftover Mexican quinoa salad heated up on top of steamed spinach with avocado. Not pictured are the apple and Larabar I worked on right afterwards...because I was too excited to pause for a pic.

In the afternoon I settled into a desk and worked on some nutrition education projects before heading out around 4:30 to grocery shop before going home. I've been on the hunt for Wild Friends peanut butter for a WEEK so I stopped by Whole Foods to see if they had any in stock like the website promised...nope! I asked a salesman who recruited another who called three different stores in the area and we kept coming up empty-handed (though they did admit that sugar cookie PB sounded like a thing every store should sell). After the great PB hunt I was all kinds of hangry so I grabbed a few essentials and a salad and went straight home to eat. img_0003

I get this combo almost every time I go for the food bar because I'm all about the marinated treats. Spinach, corn, carrots, a scoop of the Asian slaw, sesame/marinated grilled tofu, roasted walnuts (heaven) and sesame-ginger dressing. I also grabbed some taro chips for carbs + more crunch. Perfection.


And then I settled in to watch the Bachelor but they went to New Orleans and had beignets so I of course had to go grab something sweet! Puffins, cinnamon, and raspberries hit the spot perfectly while I filled out my February Powersheets (a tad bit late but it's the thought that counts).

Now I'm back to the Bachelor (Rachel forever) and wrapping up my monthly goals! I have a few daily ones so I'll start on those tonight (namely packing my bag the night before and drinking 2 tumblers of water per day) before digging into Wild & Free, my book of choice for February. Other goals include getting together with a friend to deliver a birthday gift, calling my grandparents every week (they've been a dream with this car scenario), and to test-drive some cars since I've found myself in the market for one.

My word for February is "breathe," since I'm still learning how to lean into rest and let it do the most it can for me.

And since I never know how to end posts, I'll just leave you with a quote I've been loving lately.