Workouts Lately

Maybe I was just spoiled with a great, free gym on-campus in undergrad...but y'all, gyms in the real world are expensive. I priced some out when I moved up to KC for grad school and immediately realized that purchasing a membership was just not a realistic expense for me, but I needed a solution that would fit my wallet but still allow me to get a good workout in in all kinds of weather (aka, relying on running outdoors for every workout was out). Over the past year, I've gotten into the swing of a few different home workouts and I really couldn't be happier with my options! I'm not one for tightly planned workouts, but I do like to move when/how it feels good and I also love having programs that create the workouts for me. I love this system so much that I may never belong to a gym again!

Disclosure: This post is NOT sponsored - I just want to share some of my favorite home workout options! Here's some of the workouts I've been loving lately:


Full disclosure: this is the only paid option I use for workouts, but it is SO worth it. Barre3 is a mixture of yoga, pilates, and ballet barre and I noticed my balance and posture improving after just a week or two of these workouts! They offer a student discount on their online workout library membership (although some workouts are on YouTube, like the linked video above), so I pay less than $20/month for access to the video archives and I definitely get my money's worth - I probably do this 3-4 times per week! I also love to stop by for a class at the actual studios both here in KC and home in STL, and ask the instructors 100000 questions about my form so I can improve my home workouts. 


This YouTube channel has a million and one home workouts that usually don't require any more equipment than some hand weights! The video above is my go-to when I want a more intense cardio workout than barre, especially since interval training can get a great burn in in less time than running. 


Lindsey of Nourish Move Love is a barre and fitness instructor with amazing home workout options that range from intervals to barre to lifting. I've been pairing the above upper-body workout video with a run or a cardio video and it gives a great, balanced burn.


MapMyRun - I use this app to store my running routes and times from each workout! I don't necessarily run for time or with a specific distance in mind, but it's nice to see how my running has progressed and I use the notes section to learn more about my body (for example, I'll note if I didn't get a ton of sleep or if I had a pre-workout snack that made me feel great during my run).

Barre3 Core Ball - This amps up the Barre3 leg workouts like crazy, plus it makes great lumbar support on long car rides if you deflate it a little (no, really). 

Bluetooth Earbuds - I mention this trick in this post, but I use these to tune out the outside world and get deeper into my workout videos. Hooking these up to my laptop allows the video instructor to speak right into my ear, and I don't get tangled up in a long cord!


Do you have a fun home workout routine? What do you do to save money on a gym membership?