Summer GOALS | 2017

With spring classes over and my rotations almost completely (what?!) wrapped up, I'm all kinds of ready for summer. I'm still in a summer class until late July, and I'm also returning to a former summer job teaching a kids' cooking camp - but I'm making it a point to be more intentional with my free time and enjoy this season so I can feel like I actively participated in it instead of just surviving it. So, with that in mind, I've created a summer goals list for myself and I'm happy to be sharing it with y'all today!

I actually already completed some of this list before writing up this post, but I did it in summer so I think it still counts!

  • Go fruit picking
  • Celebrate at my bachelorette party
  • Host a girls' weekend for my bridesmaids
  • Run a complete 5K
  • Take a Zumba class
  • Have s'mores
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Get a concrete at Ted Drewe's (chocolate + cookie dough, of course)
  • Create a personal budget
  • Take professional headshots
  • Increase to a twice-per-week posting schedule

What are your goals for the summer?