Hiiiii friends! It's only been a week but it feels like it was longer. It has been all kinds of crazy around here with no signs of stopping soon, so I'm dropping in with a quick life update and to apologize in advance for being inconsistent with posting.


My July started off with what I'd officially call the best weekend ever, including my second bridal shower and my bachelorette party all in the same day. My mom and our sweet friend threw me the cutest brunch shower complete with a waffle bar, mimosas, and my favorite vanilla hazelnut coffee from Einstein Bagels.

After the shower, we headed back to my parents' place to change and get ready for the day! My maid of honor is extremely organized and sent me half of the bachelorette party invitation ahead of time with a note detailing what types of clothes I should have ready to go but still keeping the plans a secret. I suggested Crazy Bowls and Wraps for lunch and we headed out to grab a bite before our first stop! 

After lunch we headed over to Pinot's Palette for drinks and art! I did a wine and plant night with Drew's family last year where we sipped and made succulent planters, so I was excited when we pulled up here! It was also BYOB and the art teachers were super impressed with we rolled in a cooler of leftover champagne and juice from the shower.

To be honest, I was so into the day that I didn't take too many photos besides these! After painting, we headed back to my place and my MOH Lauren whipped us up a delicious peach sangria which we sipped with fruit and other snacks, then got changed again (lots of outfit changes that day) and headed to a hibachi grill for dinner where we met up with more of my friends. The poor chef was relatively new to the job (2 months in) and our party had one person with a shellfish allergy and one with Celiac disease, so he was laughing as he tried to figure out how to cook all the food. It probably didn't help that we casually mentioned that half the group was either made up of dietitians or nutrition students - so we have a prettttty keen eye for any cross-contact between allergens. He did a wonderful job though, and the food hit the spot after a long day of grazing.

After dinner, we rolled out to downtown St. Louis to celebrate more and then most of the girls came back to stay at my place which was amazing and felt like a teenage sleepover all over again - especially because I'm at my parents' until the wedding and my sweet mama made us all bacon and eggs and coffee the next morning. #howoldamI

Another highlight of July was driving up to KC to take the exit exam for my program - and PASSING!! For those that are unfamiliar, to become a dietitian basically you need a Bachelor's degree in nutrition and then you go through an internship (1200 hours of supervised practice) to become eligible to take the Registered Dietitian exam. My internship happened to require that you pass a test before you get your statement of eligibility for the exam, so of course I was feeling the pressure and passing was a huge relief.

Throughout July, I kept up my job at a kids' cooking camp (third year running!) and took on a new job as a cupcake baker at a local shop, which is pretty much the best setup ever. After working for free for a year, it's nice to be compensated for what I'm doing and it's even better to love my job. I also spent a week housesitting for the sweetest doggies (see above) and it was nice to have a whole place to myself during my last week of summer classes while I was working a ton of hours as well. 

Kids' cooking camp ended the same week as my summer classes so it felt like a great way to put a bow on the summer, though I'm still feeling a little off without being at work all the time. I ended July on a VERY high note with a mentoring session with my girl Katie and we made some big big plans for the future of Satisfy Nutrition (coming this fall! Stay tuned!).


The big, big, big thing happening this month is OUR WEDDING on the very last weekend! Y'all, I am so excited to marry this man after dating since our senior year of high school and being engaged for two years. TWO. It's getting more and more real with the more meetings I wrap up and planning I do (thanks, Pinterest!) and I'm so glad that he'll be in town for a bit before the big day so we can spend time with our family before I officially move to Idaho with him right after the wedding! Crazy, crazy, crazy.

We're actually taking our honeymoon a week after the wedding instead of right after, so that we have time to move all my things and Drew will go back to work for a bit to consolidate his time off so we can maximize our vacation!

Other things happening this month: HOPEFULLY (?) the RD exam! I want to make sure I'm feeling confident going in, so I'm transitioning the hours I would have spent working at cooking camp to studying now that camp is over. I'd ideally like to take it soon (still waiting on some paperwork) but I also want to fully enjoy the season of our wedding so if my papers don't come in early enough I'll be waiting to ease my stress levels. Stay tuned!


Y'all, I have seen the future of Satisfy and it is BRIGHT. October 16 sounds like a perfect day to launch some services, a newer and shinier site, and some products, doesn't it??

Here's what you can expect from Satisfy in the coming months:

  • More frequent posts. Once the wedding and move and honeymoon settle down, I'm aiming for a 3x per week posting schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and I can't wait to share the content I've been working on!
  • More RECIPES! I've been living with my family or family friends for the last year and I'm so excited to have a kitchen of my own (well, and Drew's). I've had a note on my phone going for months with food ideas, and I'm so excited to perfect them and share. In the meantime, here's my favorite recipe I've photographed thus far!
  • VIDEO! I'm so nervous and excited to announce that a Youtube channel will be a part of my October launch, because while I love writing and blogging I do think that the video medium lends a little more emotion and authenticity to the content. 

And here's a little bit of what you can expect in the near future:

  • Sunday Sabbath from social media. Starting this week, I'm planning to take Sundays complete off from social media - both business and personal - to decompress and be more present in my life.
  • A blogging break from August 28-September 8. Surrounding those times, I'll be staying on a Tuesday-Thursday posting schedule and I'll be working ahead to make sure I can come back strong with content. 

So that's what I'm up to, friends! I hope you're having a great end to summer as well, and I'll see you back here on Thursday!