Coffee Talk, Vol. 1

Hi, friends! I've been thinking I need a little corner of the blog where we can just chat about life and the world, so welcome to coffee talk! Yes, I realize that photo is tea, but it's giving me all the warm and cozy fall vibes so let's roll with it.

Here's some things I've loving lately!


Thomas Rhett's new album, Life Changes, is a life-changer. See what I did there? But really, the lyrics are clever, the songs are all catchy, and I haven't stopped listening since it came out Friday. "Sweetheart" is one of my favorites - especially its vintage vibes.


Image source: Emily Ley Image source: Emily Ley

I scooped up my new Simplified Planner on Launch Day last week, and I'm so excited! I love a brand that not only produces gorgeous and effective products, but has a great heart behind it. Emily Ley's products are more on the pricey side, but I will say, it's because they do. not. skimp. on quality - my planners last all year, and my recipe binder and Home Base Binder (thanks, mama!) are holding up well, too.


...obviously. I got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season on Thursday (half sweet with almond milk is the way to go!), and I'm getting ready for my yearly batch of these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I also have been adding pumpkin into smoothies, but they do have a bit of a raw squash flavor so I'm looking for ways to fix that because that is so not the vibe I'm going for.


We are in the process of merging two apartments' worth of stuff together, and it's so fun and such a huge headache at the same time! I re-read some of this book on the plane, but frankly it makes me giggle more than anything (I'm not sure that my socks will actually be offended if I keep storing them in balls...). It did put me in the right mindset, though, and cleaning and minimizing is the name of the game right now!

And that's it for me! What are you loving lately? Let me know in the comments!