Letting a Balanced Life Find You


Let's talk living a balanced life. I saw a post on Instagram the other day that went a little something like "You can't search for balance; you can only recognize it in hindsight" and immediately started doing praise hands and a happy dance.


I think the problem when you set out to live a "balanced life" is that it requires you to define balance before you create it. And that's not really possible, since having a plan beforehand can lead you to either do things you don't want to do, or abandon the plan and lean hard in the other direction (away from your meal plan/exercise/whatever you wrote up). Because when it comes to life, when we say "balance" what we really mean is that we prescribe to a certain lifestyle and sometimes give ourselves a break so we don't seem so uptight. Think the "80/20 rule" or cheat days.




If we set out to just do what feels right and good, that kind of balance comes naturally and beautifully. When intuition guides your life, you become free to choose your own adventure and balance creates itself. You can eat what you truly crave, and sometimes that's kale and sometimes it's a donut. You can decide if you body wants to run, jump, lift, or just rest for the day.


The best part is, you can zoom out as you look at your life and know that balance doesn't have to fit within a day or a week or even a month. That it's okay to take long stretches of time off from movement that's not working for you, or to go through food phrases or aversions. And the opposite is true - that motivation for exercise can also come in spurts, just like creativity, and there will probably be times you're so in love with running/lifting/yoga/whatever that you have to remind yourself to take a break.

Letting your life ebb and flow on its own is so much more satisfying than prescribing balance for yourself. Plus, you can use your newfound freedom to explore more ways to bring positivity to your life in a way that works for you! Cheers to natural, easy decisions and living!