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Did you miss our wedding day overview? Check it out here! If there was one thing I was worried about when planning our wedding, it was fitting in enough personal touches to make our day feel like it fit us. We're not into themed weddings, but we had a loose travel-centric thing going (more on that later) that helped make the day feel cohesive, plus suited our lives since I picked up and moved to Idaho to be with Drew two (!!) days after our wedding.


hand lettered save the date

Our Save the Dates were these postcards from Minted. We also had a free wedding website from The Knot that was great to refer guests to when it came to hotel/travel information!

Our invitation suite was from Wedding Paper Divas, which has since been absorbed into Shutterfly and they don't make this design anymore, so I can't link it.

The invitation suite came in one long card with an RSVP postcard that you could tear off and mail back. Saving time and money by choosing these instead of invites in envelopes was probably the best decision we made, especially since we sent the invites out the week I took my RD exam!


Drew felt strongly about having a unique ring, and this one fit the bill perfectly with its blue flecks that catch the light! In person, it almost just has a blue glow when he moves his hand - I wasn't sure about it when we saw it online but I love it in real life! My rings were bought as a bridal set from Zales.  

I wore a cathedral-length (read: loooong) veil for the ceremony and then switched to the flower hair comb above for the reception. I debated having our florist make me some kind of hairpiece, but decided to DIY this one to not only save money, but ensure that it would last all night without shedding petals. The silk flowers for the comb are from Afloral! I actually snuck a preview of that project into Instagram last year if you paid attention! ;) My earrings are J. Crew and my bracelet, which broke almost immediately, was from Charming Charlie. They didn't quite match but I rolled with it since my ears and wrist are far away from each other - no one pays that close of attention!

Here's my long veil in action. I love, love, loved it even though it didn't stay put for the ceremony!

This photo is pretty much the exact reason I wanted a veil - so we could use it in photos!

My shoes are this pair from Nordstrom and I loved them until my feet started aching during the ceremony! Drew is 6'0" and I'm 5'3" so I knew I wanted some height and I fully planned on buying a second pair for the reception... and then I took the RD exam a week and a half before my wedding. I cannot emphasize enough how cluttered my brain was! Luckily, my brother's girlfriend threw me a pair of sandals during our receiving line and I think I cried in relief when I changed. Evan, if you're reading this - you're the best.


My entire outfit was new, so that one was easy to check off my list!

This Subway token from my dad's New York upbringing + an old Chinese coin from my grandfather were my something old, although ironically I sent them off for photos and then immediately forgot to pin them onto my bouquet. Oops. They were also borrowed from my dad, serving two purposes.

bride monogram something blue patch sewn into dress

My something blue was my new monogram embroidered in blue thread, sewn into the lining of my dress.


I gave Drew these cufflinks with the coordinates of St. Louis (find them on Etsy).

...and he gave me this sign saying "Home is wherever I'm with you!" See that loose travel theme I mentioned?

I also gifted this kukui nut lei to my dad during our father-daughter dance (see below) with some tiny hand lettering. Please don't judge my handwriting in this! These beads are small y'all.

One of my favorite moments of the day!


We pretty much opted to not decorate the church for the ceremony. We had these two floral arrangements that were a little too big for the church's gold stands, so on little tables they went (roll with it) and there was a huge spray arrangement off to the side that was donated to the church after a funeral the day before our wedding, so we left that alone since it was a donation and happened to be our wedding colors of blush + deep red. We also had programs with a floral design that helped tie things in, but I figured that guests would be at the ceremony for 45 minutes tops and our budget would be better used at the reception!

We kept the centerpieces way simple because A) we figured once dancing started the tables would be mostly empty, B) it kept costs down, and C) we had so much food we needed more room on the tables!! Our venue provided the vases with floating candles, we had them add the runners, and we brought in gold chargers to match our color scheme.

Each spot had a little name card that I hand-lettered after passing my RD exam - I had a ton of nervous energy and needed an outlet!

The seats also had a menu so people would know what to expect - don't worry, we'll talk about food on Friday! Peep that nacho bar note though... and get excited!

This generations table was one of my favorite touches, and super easy to put together! I actually stole the frames from my parents' living room (sorry mom!) and just popped in some photos. There's nothing better than 80's hair, in my opinion.

Our guestbook was a map that guests signed and left vacation recommendations on!

We actually opted for signature drinks at the last minute to meet our food and beverage minimum! "His" was an Old Fashioned while mine was Vodka, sprite, and grenadine. I actually didn't love my drink, but insider tip: our bartender had a second "signature drink" for just me that was water with lemon and lime wedges in a highball glass with cocktail straws - I didn't want to be drunk at all, especially since I barely ate all day. It was the best deal ever, and I don't even think my friends knew! They'd offer to get me refills and I'd tell them the bartender knew what I was drinking - perfection!


We snuck these signs onto cocktail tables to highlight our wedding hashtag, and had a custom Snapchat filter with Lauren Heim lettering!

The Snapchat filter was super easy - I made it in Canva and downloaded it with a transparent background, then uploaded it to Snapchat + picked times and geographical boundaries (aka, dropped some points on a map). It was only $5 for the whole night so I also added it to our church for the rehearsal the day before (but not the church during the ceremony, because we tried to keep things as unplugged as possible)!  

The details were one of my favorite parts of wedding planning, because it was such a fun challenge to sneak as much meaning as possible into our day!

Stay tuned for how we made everything work with our budget! (Weirdly enough, also one of my favorite challenges!)

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All photos from Manda Renee Photography. All rights reserved.