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Read our wedding day overview here, see wedding details here, and see how we saved here! Hi, friends! I'm back for one last wedding blog post and today I'm sharing all about our wedding FOOD! To be honest, in a more perfect world we would have been able to interview a few caterers then make a custom menu. In the real world, our venue was easy, gorgeous, and provided everything but the cake - and it ended up being exactly what we wanted! It really was perfect for us. It was so nice to go one place for everything! We actually combined our tasting and a planning meeting to save time - so easy!


Do you see that tiny plate with a red-filled wineglass between us? That's the appetizer plate the sweet staff whipped up for us! We were busy taking photos during cocktail hour, and I was getting hangry by the time the ceremony ended - so I begged some of our bridesmaids' dates to make their way to the reception as fast as they could and request that some snacks be saved for us. I thought they'd maybe set some aside on a little plate, but what they brought was a huge spread for not only our sweetheart table, but for our wedding party tables as well! One word: yum.

Our appetizers were: caramelized bacon, toasted ravioli (a St. Louis essential!) with marinara sauce (in that fancy cocktail glass!), phyllo dough wedges stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese, and these little caprese toasts with marinated mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto! The guests had these during cocktail hour and we caught up later.

I think the general consensus from the wedding party was that the bacon was the best, but the melty cheese wrapped in phyllo was close behind for me!

The tables also had a bread basket with whipped butter! I love a good bread basket, especially at events like a wedding where the food is close behind and you can eat a piece of bread to tide you over, but don't end up eating 5 slices because your food takes forever. Know what I mean?


Our venue actually doesn't offer buffet-style dinners, which we would have preferred for the more casual vibe - but it was actually really wonderful to have a seated dinner! The fact that it was served in courses really reduced the number of people that were up and about (instead of the tons it would have been with a buffet!) meaning we got some time to eat! The salads were the basic house version with mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, and tomato, with a few different dressings on the table. After everyone had salads, we had the four sweetest toasts I've ever heard!

I had to laugh when Amanda texted me about our wedding photos and excitedly told me, "I GOT YOU SOME OVERHEAD FOOD SHOTS!" She clearly knows the way to my heart, and the Satisfy Nutrition aesthetic. ;)


We tasted two different kinds of chicken and a pork dish at our wedding tasting, and ended up going with chicken marsala served with roasted potatoes and a colorful veggie medley. I love any sauce with wine so it was an easy choice, especially with the piles of mushroom and melty cheese on top!

During dinner, there was also tableside wine (the best. Can we have this every day?) and guests could choose between a red and white we'd picked at our tasting. And by "we" I mean my mama, because Drew doesn't like wine and I'm a non-discriminatory wine sipper. We'd also negotiated a random upgrade that provided champagne for our guests that was already on the table when they arrived! You can also see the "Blushing Bride" signature drink in this photo - a mix of grenadine, vodka, Sprite, and more deliciousness I can't remember!


Windows on Washington is a multi-story building with three floors that are rented for events! So not only did we get an entire floor, but one of the things they're known for is the "champagne welcome" - aka, a HUGE tower of champagne glasses that are handed out at the door for all the guests of the night! Cue a billion "Champagne Problems" from me post-champagne, pre-food. ;)


Our cake was a two-tiered amaretto-flavored cake with simple vanilla buttercream from McArthur's. I wanted something simple and white - I'm not a fan of colorful cakes! It was filled with more buttercream, but we almost went with raspberry. And if you're thinking it might be too small to feed 150, you're right! Don't worry, we had a backup plan...

photo via Genius Kitchen

...which was gooey butter cake! This dessert is a St. Louis staple and seriously one of my favorite things on the planet. It was invented by mistake in St. Louis (a common theme since the waffle cone was also accidentally created there) and it's amazing. Find a recipe here.

We planned on enough gooey butter cake for all of our guests and to maybe take the tiered cake back to my parents' for our day-after brunch, but our "party captain" came over to ask if we wanted the cake served and we rolled with it! It seemed mean to have a whole cake we weren't sharing, after all. ;) The two cakes were sliced and plated up, then settled on a table to the side! The. Best.

Plus, McArthur's actually recreates top tiers of cakes for first anniversaries for free! We plan to order ours when we're home for Christmas next year. That way, we avoid freezer burn but still get to reminisce! I think I got about one bite of each cake, so I can't wait for the anniversary one!


We don't have photos of our late night snack, but once the cake had all been eaten, the kitchen staff flipped that table into a nacho bar! I remember these being the best food of the day, especially since I'd still been buzzing around talking with people during dinner! You really don't eat at your own wedding, y'all. I think this was the point during the night that people told us to stop bringing out food because they were full, but too bad because...


Yep. That's right. A donut wall. With a sign that says "Donut leave without a treat" because y'all know I love me a food pun! The donuts are from Strange Donuts in Maplewood, MO. They're half Rainbow Pony (yellow cake with rainbow sprinkles) and half Brown Stallion (chocolate cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles). There were also "yeast bites" on display - basically a sliced Long John, and bags for taking the donuts to go! Drew and I made sure to grab a solid 4 of these to bring back to our hotel since we really didn't have time to eat all night! They were delicious at midnight and delicious at 8 the next day with hotel room coffee!

The donut wall was custom-built by my dad's best friend Kent, who's more of a second father to me. I showed up with a printed picture from Pinterest and he made this happen in less than two weeks! Kent is our next-door neighbor so I actually just walked over barefoot with my coffee and a plan. He's such a patient man.


And that's it for wedding week! I'm so glad y'all joined me in reliving the sweetest day of my life! Stay tuned next week for our regularly scheduled food and body image chats! Coming up soon: what it's like to be an intuitive eating advocate while in nutrition school. I asked three of my favorite up-and-coming RD's/RD2be's and it's gonna be a good one!

Have the best weekend!


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Read our wedding day overview here, see wedding details here, and see how we saved here!

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