Eats Lately - 10/24/17

Hey heyyyy I'm dropping in real quick to the blog today to share some of eats I'm into lately + apologize for the delay on my promised pumpkin granola recipe (coming tomorrow!). Our weekend was spent traveling and I had an exam today for my M.S. Nutrition program, so my brain has been basically just chugging along on the bare minimum amount of "extra thought" but now things are settled and I'm back on the blog!

I made this banana muffin recipe last weekend and added chocolate chips. I've been feeling super snack-y in the evenings and wanting a little more than a bowl of cereal or popcorn, so this was a good + super satisfying solution. Also strawberries were 2 for $4 last week so we ate tons of those.

I pureed the extra strawberries that were on the verge of going bad and froze them into ice cubes for smoothies, as well as tons of spinach we had on hand (I steamed it before blending). The spinach is from a BlueApron box that was scheduled to arrive on a Saturday but didn't show up until Monday. To their credit, BlueApron was quick to give us a full refund and we were able to salvage the produce out of the box, but we'll be sticking with HelloFresh from now on when we need a break from planning.

I made a batch of this Mexican quinoa this weekend for lunches during the week + in the car on Saturday. I added avocado + homemade maple balsamic vinaigrette (2 parts olive oil, 1 part balsamic, 1 part maple syrup) for a super satisfying lunch.

The wedding we went to this weekend had a taco bar and it was the shizzzz. Plus, it reminded me of the nacho bar we had at our wedding and made me super happy.

Breakfast Sunday was an egg + sausage McMuffin with some cuties I'd packed in our cooler. I planned to grab a Starbucks sandwich because we had a gift card but we coupled the Sbux run with a Target trip and the built-in coffee shop only had pumpkin bread. Don't get me wrong, I love pumpkin bread - but I'd been looking forward to a savory sandwich all morning, so McD's saved the day.

Side note: does anyone else think McDonald's black coffee is better than Starbucks?! I find the Starbucks one to be acidic, especially after a friend pointed it out (but still v v much into the mixed lattes, especially the new Maple Pecan).

Lunch Sunday was Chipotle on our way back home and I tried the new queso in my chicken bowl. Verdict: unsure, because I get both corn salsa + pico de gallo, so everything tasted like those. I did like the moisture it added to the bowl so it wasn't just dry ingredients piled together. The most fair assessment will probably come when I have time to get just queso with a side of chips. Stay tuned for that exciting announcement.

Dinner last night was sheet pan honey mustard chicken with butternut squash + greens drizzed with homemade balsamic. Cara is a real-life friend and mentor of mine and I've been drooling over this recipe since she posted it a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The chicken was super juicy and the greens added the perfect crunch to my plate, plus the sauce is perfect and super sassy from the mustard + balsamic.

I'm having a real moment with cuties lately, especially when paired with a bit of dark chocolate and some roasted almonds. This was my post-dinner snack last night and the perfect sweet finish to the meal!

Finally, I started a job in school nutrition lately (part time, don't worry - leaving plenty of time for nutrition counseling appointments SOON!) and the salad bar has been super satisfying. This is more leftover Mexican quinoa over salad mix with cherry tomatoes + chicken nuggets for fun and to add more satiating protein + fat.


Anything good on your plate lately?? I'm sharing this recipe tomorrow that's starred in many of my breakfasts and I can't wait!

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