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Happy Monday, friends! I know literally everybody is saying this, but I truly cannot believe that we are at the end of 2017! I've been looking forward to 2017 for so long, since it's the year I hit a huge milestone with my education and got married to my high school sweetheart. To think it's over already isĀ insaneĀ but I'm already excited for 2018 and what it may hold. If you've been around for a bit, you know that I love me some goal-setting. A huge area of growth for me in 2017 was seeing my goals go from rigid to fluid, focusing on things like loving my family well and respecting my body as opposed to a certain number of workouts or kinds of food. I looked back on my Powersheets from 2017 this weekend and it was so redeeming to see how my goals adapted throughout the year!

As much as I do love goal-setting, I know that this time of year can weigh heavy on the heart with all the talk of "new starts" and diets and weight focus. In light of this, I reached out to some of the most inspiring body-positive dietitians I know to help YOU refocus on a 2018 full of grace, mental and emotional health, intuitive eating, and more!

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