Abundantly Enough | Introduction

NOTE: This group has since closed, but you can find related content by searching "Abundantly Enough" in the sidebar to the right!

I'm so excited to announce Abundantly Enough, a Facebook group about Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating with my sweet friend, Amy Shen!


Amy and I were chatting a few weeks ago about how frustrated we are with diet culture and how badly we want to show others a better way. When the conversation turned into a three-hour-long marathon FaceTime session, I knew this idea was a big deal. We've been creating content ever since, and every time we talk or make plans, I get even more fired up.

Here's a little bit more about the group:

We live in a world where our culture constantly implies that we are not enough. There’s always a new method, often imposing rigid rules + promoting shame, filled with empty promises to “change our lives + health.” We’re here to share that you are already abundantly enough + full of value.

This non-diet community is focused on sharing evidence-based information on overall wellness including physical, mental, social, + emotional health.

Organized by two Registered Dietitians, you can expect nutrition myth busting, live video chats, virtual book clubs, recipe inspiration, cooking tips, encouragement, compassion, + more.


Each Wednesday for the next six weeks, we'll be sharing on our blogs about a topic related to HAES/intuitive eating. In the group, we'll share extra thoughts, journal prompts, and more to get the conversation flowing!


Here's the topics we'll be covering over the next six weeks!

Jan. 31 | Introduction/What is Abundantly Enough?

Feb. 7 | Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size

Feb. 14 | Self Acceptance

Feb. 21 | Stress

Feb. 28 | Sleep

Mar. 7 | Food + Nutrition

Mar. 14 | Joyful Movement


Curious to know more about us? Read about me + Amy Shen below!



Hey y’all! I’m Amy Hanneke, the “other” Amy of Abundantly Enough! I’m a Registered Dietitian who believes in designing a life that allows you to thrive through Health at Every Size and intuitive eating. St. Louis, MO is my hometown, but my husband Andrew and I and now live in the tiniest town in SE Idaho with our floof, Pascal the kitten! I love a good barre class, Friends reruns, Taco Tuesdays (or every day), and cat snuggles. Let's dive in and create this community together!



Hi there! My name’s Amy Shen, one half of the Amy team of Abundantly Enough! I’m a Registered Dietitian passionate about intuitive eating + helping others find joy + freedom with food. As many others, I’ve experienced the harsh effects that diet culture can have on our relationship with food + I’ve made it my mission to not promote that in my practice as a dietitian. I grew up in central Illinois, + now live in South Carolina with my husband Greg + our fluffy doggo, Riku. I love to bake + cook, watch Netflix, take long walks with our pup, attend group exercise classes, + have virtual/IRL coffee dates with those I love!