3 Non-Food Blogs I Love

I was talking to my pal Amy the other day about how it's ironic that even though I'm a dietitian, I'd actually love if people thought less about food. I.e., if they made decisions based on what sounds good, what would feel good in their body, and what fits in their budget instead of if they have the calories or points left in the day, or how they're going to "work it off" later. I think it's awesome to be a part of this blog-y and social media community that embraces size diversity and intuitive eating! But I also think it's awesome to have interests other than the food you eat and the workouts you do. So, on that note... today, I'm sharing three of my favorite non-food blogs that I read each week. The best part is, none of them have tons of sneaky, diet-y posts hiding in the archives.


I have never in my life found a home blog that fits so well with my personal style. The DIY Playbook is what my dream house looks like, and so 5x every week I basically get to dream along with them about what my house could look like! I have a solid 10+ posts bookmarked, from tutorials to decor inspiration, for when Drew and I become homeowners. Also, I love when you feel like you could be friends with the authors behind blogs - which I could definitely see with these girls! They also have ties to my hometown of St. Louis, so they pretty much can do no wrong in my eyes.

Favorite posts:

How to Dress Up a Store Bought Cake

Create a Functional Entryway in an Empty Hallway

Built-In Reveal (I am now obsessed with the idea of built-in storage and Drew's eyes may fall out from all the rolling them he's doing)


I found Kate's blog on Pinterest when Pinterest, Youtube, and blogs were all new, so it's been fun to follow her style (and adorable kids!) for the last few years (like, 8 years. We go back, guys). I feel the same way about beauty as I do about food: it's not something to overthink, but it's fun sometimes to see if you can add extra fiber/protein to a recipe or learn a new braid to put in your hair. Also, it makes me feel super legit to know about the right ways to blow-dry your hair or blend eyeshadow. I mean, I'm not good at it... but I do know how to. Also, Kate has the best Instagram stories of anyone I follow.

Favorite posts:

Blow-Dry Mistakes You May Be Making + How to Fix Them

Date Night Makeup (I actually own this eyeshadow so I'm biased, but I'm there for anything natural looking)

How to Stretch and Soften Braids


So, to be completely honest, Blair's blog and sharing platform has taken a shift towards Youtube instead of written blogs... but I'm counting it and I love a good vlog. I watch these a lot in the morning while I get ready - there's something about how cheerful and productive these vlogs are that makes me feel like I'm starting my day on the right foot! I also appreciate how real some of these vlogs are - Blair did a monthly vlog series (Rooted) last year and spoke about finding community in a new town, and it sounds like she's talking straight to me. Last year, I also moved away from family into a very small town, and it's so comforting and refreshing to hear I'm not alone and I don't have to love it all the time.

Favorite posts:

Why My Approach to Food is So Relaxed

Full, But Not Busy

3 Things to Do On Saturday Morning


If you have favorite blogs, I'd love to hear about them and check them out! Have the best week, y'all!

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