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Okay, not all of the foods in this post are from this week. But bear with me, because I have some catching up to do. Hello Fresh Bibimbap

We ordered a HelloFresh box last week because I felt uninspired. I never order these without a discount code and probably wouldn't get them consistently, but they've made food more fun since we live in a rural town with 3 restaurants (one of which is fast food and one of which is Subway which I don't care for). PS - here's my HelloFresh link that gets us both a discount and here's a roundup I did of our first-ever HelloFresh box!

quesdilla with dipping sauce

I saw this idea on Kylie's Instagram: salsa + sour cream as salad dressing or dipping sauce. It did not disappoint. My taste preferences seem to change pretty rapidly (on a 28-35 day cycle, ya feel?) but one thing that's constant is loving an abundance of sauce/dip on or with foods.

Costa Vida is my new favorite thing after seeing it on Emily's Instagram. We live about 60 miles from the nearest city but certain products/services are so. much. cheaper. there, so I stopped by and tried my first Costa Vida after getting a blood draw and it did not disappoint. Sweet pork burrito + enchilada sauce smother = yasss. The whole wheat tortilla didn't mesh with the combo very well, so white tortilla it is from now on. Menu/recipe swaps are only healthy if they're satisfying and not forced.

Sharing another HelloFresh meal because y'all know I love some tacos. These had tilapia and kiwi pico which was a fresh idea (kiwi + tomatoes + green onion + lime juice), plus sliced radishes and lime-chipotle crema. One thing I love about HF is how fancy it makes the food sound - that crema was literally sour cream, lime juice, and chipotle powder (and also delicious). The tortillas looked a little raw but the directions included toasting them to finish them off, which surprisingly added a ton of quality to them. I hadn't seen the point of homemade tortillas before, but now I'm considering a tortilla press so I can do this all the time.

This has been a fave lately and was actually inspired by a past HelloFresh: orzo + Italian sausage + bell pepper + cheese. It required literally no seasoning since the Italian sausage is pre-flavored, and I added a steamer bag of veggies for a little color. We used a 12-oz package of orzo, two peppers, and about 1# of sausage and it was lunch all week. You could use any pasta, but I do like how the orzo/a smaller shape lets you get everything in one bite instead of having to wind noodles around a fork.

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