Holiday Weekend Eats + Thoughts on Overeating

Happy Memorial Day! We hosted my parents over the long weekend + I'm taking time to blog some fun eats before my next round of graduate school classes starts tomorrow.

Overeating Thoughts.png



They got here Thursday afternoon and I made a batch of these enchiladas with homemade sauce (my favorite + takes 5 minutes of effort). I texted Amy asking for ideas for sides (we're both big fans of those enchiladas) and she suggested a salad with cilantro-lime dressing which sounded fab.

I improvised with what we had on hand and tossed a big handful of cilantro, the juice of two limes, some olive oil, honey, garlic powder, and salt and pepper into a blender and it created the easiest and most flavor-packed dressing. Salad was lettuce, tomatoes, corn, and avocado.


We finished things off with my favorite cookies + ice cream combo then headed off to bed because my parents woke up early for their flight.


Friday we lounged around and I toured my parents around our little town while Drew worked.


We have a timed geyser that goes off hourly that I've actually never stopped to watch, and my mom is fascinated by geology so this was a hit.


We also made a cheese board with crackers, hummus, and olives that hit the spot before dinner.


Drew grilled chicken (we like this rub) and corn and I made a salad kit #worksmarternotharder and we walked around a local park with Pascal to enjoy the cool breezes.


We played a few rounds of Heads Up then headed to bed to be ready for a hike on Saturday.



Early Saturday, we drove to Grand Teton National Park and did part of the Jenny Lake loop with a break in the middle for PB&J's, chips, snacks, and apples. A lot of my motivation for the first stretch of hikes is to get to lunch so I'm going to play around with eating more beforehand and see how that feels.


We did see a moose on the hike but have zero good pics because it was only 10 feet off the trail and I refused to let Drew get close. So here's a picture of my family in front of one of the Tetons.


Dinner in Jackson, WY was Hand Fire Pizza and our waitress suggested we do half-and-half pizzas so we could try more kinds - she was the best and we clearly have similar values. So we each picked a topping combo and ended up with: burrata/olive oil/lemon, a meatball variety, the meat special that included fresh jalapenos, and a sweet italian sausage version with bell pepper. The meatball was my favorite but the lemon/burrata was a close second - it sounds crazy but it all worked well.


Overeating gets villainized a lot, and I agree that it can be uncomfortable to be too full and I don't actively seek out that sensation. But with family meals or meals out like this where there's a lot to try, overeating comes a little more easily/naturally than during a "normal" everyday dinner at home.

So I think it's important to know that overeating or being too full is human and natural sometimes, and you can guide yourself while eating to avoid discomfort while also recognizing that's human if it happens. I knew we were going out for ice cream after dinner, so I put all four kinds of pizza on my plate so I could try them at the same time (instead of finishing a few slices and then still having to try the others) and ate in a circle/however I wanted and ended up handing off my crusts to Drew because I was getting super full between the pizza and my beer.

We stopped into Moo's for ice cream and I went for huckleberry + vanilla on a cone. The flavors were alright but I found the ice cream to not be nearly creamy enough, so I passed off my cone to Drew to finish because he was into it.



Sunday morning Drew made biscuits + gravy with strawberries on the side. Something about more "fancy" (aka, not cereal) breakfasts on the weekends makes me feel super relaxed and he loves making breakfast food so I'm always down.


We hit up Lava Hot Springs and strolled around midday then found a little Thai place for lunch. I can't remember what I got but it had chicken + veggies and Drew got pad Thai for us to split. I wanted to explore the hot mineral pools but my parents didn't pack swimsuits + it was a little chilly out.


Dinner Sunday was steak kabobs with peppers, onions, and mushrooms on top of rice + teriyaki sauce to dip/drizzle. 

I loved Kylie's post last week about a fancier dinner on Sundays so I made my first attempt at a peach pie with this recipe and it went mostly well except A) I didn't buy nearly enough peaches and B) I ended up adding extra cornstarch to thicken the filling because runny pies have no place in my life. But I decided to refer to flatter/less peachy pie as "crust forward" and the filling didn't run so all was well. Ice cream to top because of course.

Now it's Monday and my parents are headed home to St. Louis while Drew browses the web and I eat more pie with a movie. Hosting is amazing and I'm so grateful my parents have the resources/time to come see us, but the constant social interaction of hosting in a tiny apartment drains me (I'm an extrovert but barely - I've heard it called an ambivert but basically I enjoy being social to a degree then it can be tiring) so I'm using this afternon to recharge. Have the best week!