Things are looking a little different around here...

FRIENDS! I'm so excited to reveal the new Satisfy Nutrition website + brand! I hope you enjoy scrolling around the site and exploring - the content is all still here, but with a more user-friendly interface + tuned up graphics here and there.


If you've tuned in for a while, you may be getting branding whiplash - which would be pretty understandable. I started Satisfy Nutrition during my internship and didn't have time to create a solid brand. I was also in a very different place with health beliefs, and tried to throw something together quickly.

I actually really enjoy learning branding and design and have been learning Adobe Illustrator as a side hobby for a while now - but I didn't stop to invest the time in walking through a brand challenge/guide until recently! I knew I wanted pops of allthecolor on a white and gray base, along with a more user-friendly (for both you guys and myself as the writer) site.

I also wanted my new website to have cleanly integrated business features for my new resource page, which I'm excited to share some free products on now, as well as some other new content later!

I thought about incorporating food into my logo, but frankly - I couldn't pick a food. It's important to me that my website and branding reflect my nutrition philosophy, and no one food fit the bill to represent a non-diet brand. Actually, in full honesty - I also couldn't figure out how to design a taco I thought was cute. A key part of creating a logo is scalability and I didn't think I could make a taco that still looked like taco when shrunken down or printed.


Cue: the quatrefoil. It checked all my boxes: classic, clean, symbolic. Quatrefoils represent good luck, and while it would be ideal to represent that there's so much more that goes into a non-diet journey than luck, I had two thoughts:

  1. I can't figure out how to get all of that representation into a logo. I'm not a wizard, guys.
  2. We could all use a little luck.

So, welcome to the new Satisfy Nutrition! I hope you'll stick around and check out the resource page in particular - it's my new favorite feature!

What's your favorite part of the new website? What can I add to make things better for you?