5 Thoughts (Moving to Denver & Thoughts on Bloating)

I’ve seen some of these “five thoughts” posts floating around and love the idea of sharing more consistently as well as having space for my less-cohesive thoughts/thoughts that didn’t warrant a whole post.

1 | Time Off Blogging

I took a short hiatus from new posts in November, primarily since I had plans to run a nutrition group, defend my non-thesis for my Master’s degree, and just needed a break to refresh. I absolutely love the community we’ve built here and on social media, and want to make sure I’m always providing content that’s high quality - not just writing for the sake of quantity. So while I do have hopes for a Tuesday/Thursday/Friday schedule in 2019, having November off helped me recharge.

It also turned out to be perfect timing, because…

2 | We moved to Denver!

…with two weeks’ notice. Yep, at the time I posted about taking a blogging break, I didn’t even know yet that we’d be packing up and moving hours away. My husband’s job relocated him to a different office, meaning we said a quick goodbye to Idaho and settled in Colorado - all within a month.

Boulder Hiking.jpg

3 | Thoughts on Community & Belonging

I won’t lie - living in Idaho felt really hard. I went from a busy metropolitan & suburban environment (Kansas City) to a very small rural town where I knew no one, but everyone else had known each other since childhood. I’m absolutely grateful for the time we had there and the people I met/friends I made, but I do think there’s something to be said for moving somewhere you already have some roots. Hannah, Jamie, and Steph welcomed me to CO with a hike and Vietnamese food last week which was fab, plus I’ve already had family passing through and visited with high school friends as well. I’ve moved several times in the past few years and this one felt the most seamless and welcoming.

Jessie Hoffman PhD Instagram.png

4 | Social Media Claims

My friend Jessie (a newly minted PhD - go congratulate her!) shared this quote plus some thoughts on evidence-based information and sharing on social media that resonated with me. I’ll let you go read the whole post to see the goodness she wrote, but know that if someone is making big claims on social media, be critical when taking in that information. You are not a sponge, and you don’t have to absorb others’ thoughts (or every thought/feeling you have). Specific things to look for: credentials, citations, differentiation between personal and professional endorsement.

5 | Thoughts on Bloating

This Self Magazine article on bloating was one of the best things I read in November. Just a quick reminder that mild and temporary post-meal fullness or slight bloating are normal parts of living in a human body and we don’t need an elimination diet or cleanse to address that. Bodies are supposed to change throughout the day and throughout our lives and by pathologizing minor bloating & abdominal distention (once again, normal after eating) we’re contributing to weight stigma that places value only on specific body types.

PS - if you’re having frequent/painful bloating or other GI symptoms, it may be time to seek guidance from a medical professional who can assess your symptoms.

2019 Plans

Okay, so this is my sixth thought for this post. But I wanted to share quickly here that I’ll be taking a limited number of virtual nutrition clients in the new year and there are spots still available! Click below to read more & join the waitlist.