Friday Five | Jan. 25, 2019

1 | The Good Place

GUYS. We’ve been watching this show since it came out and it’s easily one of the most clever and funny shows I’ve ever seen (and not to brag, but I love TV. So this is saying something). If you liked Parks & Rec, you’ll like this show. The trailer below sets up the first season and all I can say is… stick around for the plot twist at the end of season one. You’re welcome.

2 | Instagram Q&A’s

When I set out to do a weekly Q&A on Instagram, I did not expect them to A) take off like they did and B) to be such a fun way to connect with more of you! This week, we covered lots of questions about reproductive health, primarily on PCOS and regaining your period after dieting or ED recovery. I could talk about this stuff for days, so I made plans to on the blog! Catch you back here next Tuesday for a deep dive into everything you didn’t know you didn’t know about your period.


3 | Branding Photos

I hung out with Erin Stubblefield Photo for some fresh site photos over the holidays, and she delivered my gallery last week! On the one hand, it’s weird to me that I have a folder on my computer of just pictures of me laughing at food. And on the other hand, it’s been super nice to add updated photos to the website (along with giving it some polish/cleaning up various pages). Here’s some of my favorite updates:

Intuitive Eating



4 | Marie Kondo

I think I’m safely in line with most of America when I say I didn’t expect to have so many feels about an organizing show. I’m the daughter of a professional organizer specializing in Hoarding Disorder and systems for those with ADHD, so I’m not at all new to this world (although I do feel the accounts dedicated to just rearranging and labeling don’t do justice to the depth of my mother’s work). I’ve actually found it very interesting to watch my relationship with organizing parallel my relationship to food - I’ve never been more obsessed with my planner or labeling than when I was deepest in my disordered eating (this isn’t to say if you like color coding, you have an unhealthy relationship with food. Just something I’ve noticed to be true for myself).

Before I share these next thoughts on the show, please know that I still love getting our house in order, and truly view it as self care to pick up the place and wipe off our counters every night. But I can’t shake these thoughts so here we go:

  • Before you call Marie Kondo “quirky” or something similar, read through this article on the Shinto roots of her method and what Western audiences will miss when watching.

  • You’re definitely saying Marie’s name wrong. Click through to this Instagram account and find the “Say it right” stories to hear how it’s really done. (Does it matter? Yes. Mispronunciation of names is a microaggression that may not feel big to you, but I can guarantee feels huge to the person you’re speaking about)


5 | Cats on Instagram

Well, it finally happened and I made the cats an Instagram. I have zero intention of posting with any schedule here, but it makes me happy to have a place to put cute photos (and can’t the Internet use all the happiness it can get?).