Quick Thoughts on Overeating

Hiiiiii friends! Happy Monday! I'm back to work and school this week after moving back to St. Louis on Friday, but I'm dropping in to share some quick thoughts about overeating that I shared on my Instagram last week. 

I had a going away dinner with my roommates last Thursday and it was so wonderful. I've lived with family friends in KC during my internship, and between them and their sweet toddler I have had the best time. We have a tradition of ordering Chinese takeout most Friday's but this week we bumped it to Thursday so I could have one last dinner before hitting the road.

I also picked up some bundt cakes for dessert to thank them for all their hospitality over the past 10 months. We laughed and talked and cried some about how fast this time flew, and I enjoyed every bite of my food. When it was over, I was feeling just a liiiiittle too full - somewhere between mild discomfort and full-blown indigestion.

Being really full is a normal, human sensation

But here's the deal: being too full sometimes is SO NORMAL and we need to talk about it more.

First of all, "overeating" is just eating past your personal fullness point. It is not in any way related to a calorie need that a formula spit out at you, or the number of colorful containers of food someone told you you should eat. "Overfull" is a relatively simple state of being - just like sleep, hungry, sad, happy, etc.

Satisfaction and fullness are not the same thing

Also, we need to talk about satisfaction and fullness because they are not always the same thing, and they don't always happen at the same time. Sometimes you're satisfied with one food before you're truly full and so you move onto another food to decrease hunger and find physical fullness. Sometimes you eat until you're feeling full, but the food is still bringing you pleasure so you eat a little more and end up a little more than full. There is a distinct difference and it's okay to eat for satisfaction and not just fullness.

Last, there are a TON of factors that affect how much you eat and how full you are when you're done, and not a one of them has to do with your willpower or character. You're not less of a person for eating what your body needs (in fact, I'd argue that you're more), and your body can handle it if you're sometimes too full. So with that, have a great week and eat something delicious because food is fun!