So, you're thinking about getting pregnant...

I've gotten so, so many questions recently about pregnancy and reproductive health, which is perfect timing, because we're having a...

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This is how I opened the email I sent to my newsletter list and I got several texts from friends saying they had a heart attack for a moment. Sorry but kind of not sorry, because that was hilarious. Anyway, on to the info!

All of your pre-pregnancy nutrition questions, answered.

Thinking about having a baby, but overwhelmed by all the information about caffeine, vitamins, body image, sleep, cycles, and more? Don't worry - I've got you covered. In this 60-minute masterclass, I'm sharing what I cover with clients in your exact shoes, including...

  • How to use gentle nutrition to support your fertility

  • What to look for in a prenatal vitamin

  • The rundown on nutrition recommendations in pregnancy

  • Cultivating a flexible and positive body image before & during pregnancy

...and more!

This class is different than a Coffee Chat, primarily because I’m sharing information I typically reserve for client sessions, as well as a few handouts I use with clients.

I'm keeping things cozy & limiting spots so that we have the most time to open up conversations and answer questions. Click below to grab your $15 seat - I can't wait to see you there!

Next Week’s Coffee Chat

We’re talking all things periods - it’ll look a lot like this post but with more info and more conversation. Click below to join for free!