Summertime Self Care

The best self care practices are the ones that are flexible and don't feel like work - because life isn't constant, so rigid thinking serves no one. Even just between seasons of life and seasons of weather, there's a lot of change going on! I felt so miserable as the thermometer climbed this summer as I desperately tried to cling to my routines, and it's so easy to fall into the thought trap that it's something inherently wrong with you rather than just a change in your life that you haven't yet adapted to.

Summer Self Care.png

I've shared some of my thoughts on this on Instagram, but this summer has thrown me for a loop in the best way. Taking a long trip, continuing to take classes towards my Master's, and having a job makes me feel willing to bend with changes - but ironically, all of those things are the reasons I need to make changes to my daily practices! It's been exhausting, refining, and refreshing - and I'm so excited to share 3 ways my self care has changed in this season with you.

More practical hunger

With all this heat, the last thing I really feel like doing is eating - but I still get hungry because it's a natural part of life, so addressing that has been a challenge. Eating every 3-4 hours can help regulate your blood sugar and mood, and I try to not go more than 6 hours without eating because I know it makes me feel sick and it's hard to eat at a comfortable pace when I'm that hungry.

Planning ahead and packing a variety of snacks for work days and keeping our fridge stocked at home with options has been a lifesaver. It's easier to pick something out and keep rolling with my day, acknowledging that not every time I eat has to be an experience and sometimes eating ahead of my hunger if it feels right or I have awkwardly scheduled meetings.

Different movement

Running sounded fun the other day until about 4 minutes in - heat and humidity are no joke! I quickly scrapped that idea and decided on indoor movement until fall, with the exception of hiking since we love it and there's no virtual version of that. Yet. (Come talk to me when there is, I'll probably be a convert!)

I've had a pretty natural feeling routine of starting and ending my work days early (usually 7am-3pm since I have a traditional 8-hour work day), coming home, and working out (if it feels good that day). But it's felt rushed, cluttered, and extremely hot to keep that routine up, so I'm giving myself room to move my work day back (so thankful for flexibility!), sleep a little more, and move in the morning while our non-climate-controlled apartment is cooler. And speaking of sleep...

New sleep priorities

Ideally, sleep takes place in a cool, dark, quiet place... and let me tell you, all three of those things have gone out the window! It's hot, we have to keep our windows open to get a breeze (and our neighbors are prone to front yard parties every night), and it's sunny until 10pm. So, new priorities include letting go of the idea of "ideal" sleep and working with what we have. I moved a fan to our room, ordered an eye mask, and keep melatonin handy. (always check with your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements)

How do you take care of yourself during summer? Has anything changed with the weather?