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How To Build A Self Care Box

I've been really drawn to the idea of a self care box lately and saw one on Kylie's blog that made me want to put plan into action. I'm between day jobs right now and realizing that my personality really vibes with a routine that gets me out of the house but lets me rest at home sometimes too. Pair that with some blah Idaho weather and my brain is feeling super cluttered and tired. Cue: the self care box. My favorite thing about this box (and this will sound like a "duh") is that it's all in one place. Aka, I don't have to think very hard - I just have to recognize that I need some head clearing and then go dig through the box for something that sounds nice. Here's what I included:



I got myself this book a few weeks ago and it's been a fun way to kind of tune out all my extra thoughts! I practice the individual letters if I'm feeling patient. If I'm just wanting busy work for my hands, I turn on a Netflix show and letter the characters' dialogue.



Something about the way Body Kindness resonates with me and adds clarity to how I think about my relationship with my body. It reminds me of all the benefits of good self-care plus gives me ideas. I also keep two or so movies (a funny and a serious one) in my box that I haven't seen in a while!



Goodness, those "Yes To" products are the best. I love any of the mud masks (pictured is the Yes To Primrose Oil version) and the grapefruit peel. This hand care kit my mom gifted me before I moved out to dry and cold Idaho is also on repeat lately.


I also threw in a lavender essential oils rollerball, bubble bath, and a lavender-scented pillow spray (I swear, I can feel the lavender calming me down as I inhale it).


The whole thing gets stored in a filing box in my nightstand and it's ready to go!


I've found that a quick home manicure is a really great way to care for myself because A) I feel polished afterwards and B) it limits what I can do with my hands while the polish dries, which slows me down and calms me as a secondary effect.


You can really put anything into a self care box, but here's some ideas to get you going:

  • Face masks/nail care kit

  • Water colors, adult coloring books, pen/paper

  • A journal with prompts

  • A deck of cards/one-person game

  • Yoga mat

  • Heating pad/eye mask

  • Bubble bath/bath bombs/a good book for said bath

  • Fuzzy socks

  • Noise-blocking headphones

  • Audiobooks

What are your go-to self care practices?

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