Nourish & Thrive

We live in a weight-obsessed culture. There's no denying that pursuing weight loss is a social norm - but does it really make us healthier? What toll does it take on us as we chase it? What do we do when we hit diet rock bottom?

If you're here, I'm going to guess that you've felt that rock bottom. That you're familiar with the idea that there may be another way - but aren't sure how to make it work for you, where to get started, or how to apply these concepts to your own life.

Introducing Nourish & Thrive, a self-paced online course to help you stop dieting, feel comfortable around food, and take your life back. Nourish & Thrive is a self-paced online course designed to help you learn why diets don’t work, how to heal your hunger and fullness cues, create a better relationship with your body, and find food freedom.

Nourish & Thrive launches April 17 at 9:00am MST

What is Nourish & Thrive?

Nourish & Thrive is a self-paced online course designed to help you recover from dieting and disordered eating and take back your life from restriction. It has ten modules that cover everything from the science behind why diets don’t work, to how to take actionable steps to restore your metabolism and hunger/fullness cues. Here’s a sneak peek at the content:

Diets Don’t Work

The science behind why diets fail us, and how our brains and bodies protect us during times of famine (yep, famine)

Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness

An overview of intuitive eating and mindful eating, why they’re not the same thing, and how thinking so could be holding you back

Weight Science

Why weight loss isn’t a prerequisite for health & everything you were taught about weight is wrong

Breaking Up With Diets

Actionable steps to challenge diet thoughts and begin to take your life back, one moment at a time

Restoring Metabolism, Hunger, and Fullness

Tips and strategies for restoring your metabolism and regaining your hunger & fullness cues - plus how to frame nutrition information in a neutral and non-restrictive way

Challenging Diet Thoughts

How to strike down the diet thoughts that keep popping up, and shift your mindset to a non-diet perspective

Developing Mindfulness

How to use mindfulness as a tool to help improve your body image and relationship with food

Finding Food Freedom

Baby steps to challenge food rules and fear foods in order to find true food freedom

Body Image

Actionable steps towards a better relationship with your body

(Whole Self) Care

Why you aren’t what you eat - and how to take care of yourself as a whole person

How does the course work?

Nourish & Thrive is currently available for pre-order - meaning you can purchase the course now and get access to the first module, Diets Don’t Work, ahead of the crowd! You’ll get access to the full course when it launches on April 17 at 9:00am MST!

When you purchase the course, you’ll get access to:

  • 10 recorded modules full of information + actionable ways to learn intuitive eating

  • Journal prompts to help the content come alive for you

  • Worksheets I use with clients to help explore and improve their relationship with food and self

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already read Intuitive Eating, is this course right for me?

Yes! This course is meant to serve as an actionable way to teach you how to eat intuitively - so while there's plenty of background info, we focus more on the HOW than the WHAT.

Will this course help me recover from an eating disorder?

This course can provide information and resources that may be helpful in assisting your recovery, but aren't a substitute for getting the individualized care you need and deserve. If you're struggling with an eating disorder, make sure to reach out to your doctor, a dietitian, and a therapist as well as any other members of a team you may find helpful.

I’m already familiar with intuitive eating - what do I get out of this course?

In Nourish & Thrive, I’ve taken all of my favorite tips + resources to help actionably move you from dieting to intuitive eating, giving you the what, why, AND how of breaking up with restriction. It’s neatly bundled into 10 self-paced modules and lets you return to the content again and again, whenever you need.

Is this the same thing as working with a dietitian?

Nothing can replace the connection of working with your own dietitian, but Nourish & Thrive gives you some similar resources to help support your journey toward food freedom. Nourish & Thrive was created to help you learn about an approach to food that isn’t rooted in restriction, and the video modules and resources give you an option to improve your relationship with food in a way that comes alive for your life, right from the comfort of your couch!

Nourish & Thrive was also created to offer an affordable way to jump-start a better relationship with food. This content consists of information and tools I typically share with clients over several sessions (a $1200+ value) at a more accessible price.

I’m trying to learn how to eat intuitively and support my specific health concerns, like PCOS - does this course help with that?

Nourish & Thrive provides general intuitive eating information and isn’t tailored to any specific medical diagnoses - but have no fear! You absolutely can learn how to eat intuitively and support your body’s specific needs, like PCOS, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, and more! Nourish & Thrive is a great tool to have alongside some individualized support from a dietitian.

There’s no better time than right now to start improving your relationship with food - pre-order Nourish & Thrive today and get a 10% discount using the code FOODFREEDOM10 (valid through 11:59pm April 30, 2019)!