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Welcome to Satisfy Nutrition, a blog and resource center for women who are sick and tired of dieting and being told they're not enough. Before we get started, I'd like to lay some truth bombs on you: you are enough, just as you are. The healthiest things to eat are things that you like. Your weight is not your health, and it doesn't have to run your life. I'm so glad you're here!



Welcome to Satisfy Nutrition!

I'm Amy Hanneke, a Registered Dietitian whose nutrition philosophy is simple: 

Eat things you enjoy.

I'm a clinical dietitian by day and writer by night, creating content for women who are emotionally and physically exhausted from the toll that diet culture takes on them. I practice and write with a Health at Every Size framework and want to show you how you can practice health and care for your body all the time - and not how a diet tells you to. I'm so glad you're here!