Truth bomb: PCOS sucks.

It's the leading cause of female infertility. It's associated with increased risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more. It can mess with your digestion. It can make your periods feel a million times worse. It brings back the breakouts you thought you left in adolescence, and tacks on facial/body hair growth. It's isolating. It's confusing.

In short: it's a lot to deal with. But to be honest, none of those are even the main reason PCOS sucks. Want to know my #1?

It's that no one is talking about PCOS well. Or sometimes, at all.

“I was literally told to ‘eat less carbs’ and that was about it”

“Docs just shrug when you ask for something other than birth control and diets”

“I’ve basically been told not to worry about it unless I want more kids”

“[It] makes me feel like because I am not on a restrictive ‘clean’ diet, I am the reason I continue to have PCOS”

Sound familiar?

 The Game Plan

Week 1, August 20 | Spring Training

In this first session, we’re laying a strong foundation of PCOS knowledge and planting seeds for future classes! We’ll cover what it actually means to have PCOS, why diets don’t work, how to understand your labs, what the different reproductive hormones do, why it matters if you get a period, and more.

Week 2, August 27 | A Non-Diet Approach to PCOS

Week 3, September 3 | Intuitive Eating

Week 4, September 10 | Insulin Resistance & Carb Cravings

Week 5, September 17 | Inflammation & Diet Myths

Week 6, September 24 | Self Care with PCOS

Week 7, October 1 | Evidence-Based Supplements

Week 8, October 8 | Wrap-Up and Q&A


What You’ll Get

Eight live 1-hour classes covering everything from insulin resistance to supplements, with the opportunity to ask questions live and engage in conversation

A comprehensive workbook designed to elevate your experience and make the material come to life for you

Admission to a private Facebook group for ongoing support with monthly Q&A’s

Real talk & evidence-based strategies to help manage your PCOS - without pursuing weight loss


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