Welcome to the Satisfy Nutrition resource page, where I share my favorite ways to learn about intuitive eating, Health At Every Size®, and food freedom! I curate this list carefully and only share resources I’ve read or utilized personally - I’ve used these personally and recommend them to clients frequently.

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Intuitive Eating 

This book is considered the “holy grail” of intuitive eating - it’s where it all started! It walks you through the ten principles of intuitive eating and is such a useful starting point for learning about this philosophy and the science behind it.

Intuitive Eating Workbook

In 2017, the authors of Intuitive Eating published this wonderful workbook to add actionable steps to the background knowledge you gained from reading the book. It has so many useful exercises and is really helpful in starting your intuitive eating journey.

Note: if you’re in eating disorder recovery or finding support in your journey with a therapist or a dietitian, it will be a decision between you and your team when it’s time to start incorporating intuitive eating principles - know that there’s no rush and plenty of things to help you when you’re ready.

Health At Every Size

Like the Intuitive Eating book, Health At Every Size lays the groundwork for learning about a weight-neutral approach to health. It lays out a ton of science to help you ditch the diet mindset and challenges several assumptions of our culture’s views of weight, including that weight loss is necessary for health and that there is a specific weight over which you are automatically deemed “unhealthy.”

Body Respect

The author of Health At Every Size, Linda Bacon, co-published this amazing book that I view as an addition or expansion of the original book. It adds even more science to explain the science behind weight and why it’s not an indicator of health (did you know we all contain genetically-determined amounts of “uncoupling protein” which affects how efficiently we use energy from food?) and I’ll sometimes recommend this book before Health At Every Size if people prefer even more science talk.

Body of Truth

When it comes to any non-fiction or educational book, I think the most important consideration is what type of tone and language speaks to you, then searching out a resource that speaks to that. Body of Truth presents similar information to Health At Every Size, but with more anecdotes and more digestible language (i.e., less hard science talk, more streamlined summaries). I often recommend this along with Body Respect to lay groundwork with people!

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