I’m here to help you break free of diets and find lasting food freedom. Whether you’re a lifelong dieter or trying to navigate nutrition with a chronic condition, we can work together to find an eating pattern that supports your health without restrictions. Find support through online courses or work with me virtually for individualized support.


One on One

Nutrition and health coaching will be available beginning January 2019! I can’t wait to help you find food freedom and a comfortable, flexible relationship with your body!

Online Courses

Our first online course opens January 2019! Click below to read more about the course and see if it feels like a good fit for you.

For Brands

Interested in partnering to promote your brand or product? I’m currently accepting a limited number of brand partnerships. Click the link below to get in touch!



Women’s Health


Hypothalamic amenorrhea

Pre- and postnatal nutrition

Disordered eating

Digestive concerns

General nutrition


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a non-diet dietitian?

Diets don’t work - but the diet industry keeps us thinking that they do. If you’ve tried several diets and felt like a “failure”, feel like you can’t possibly continue to give so much of your life and heart to weight loss attempts, and are interested in finding freedom with eating while still supporting your body - working with a non-diet dietitian is for you.

I’m interested in a non-diet approach, but still have questions about my weight. Can we talk about those?

Absolutely. A desire for weight loss is normal given that we live in a culture that values certain body sizes over others and equates health with thinness. We’ll dig into the source of your beliefs around weight, work on ways to shift your thinking, and build more flexible & healthy body image. You don’t have to do this alone.

Can I schedule a session in-person?

At this time, I only accept clients virtually (online). We’ll use a secure video platform (don’t worry - it’s easy to learn & I’ll help you!) to communicate and we’ll be able to see each other during sessions. If you’d prefer to see a dietitian in person, email me and I’ll refer you to a colleague.

How do I become a client?

Email me or schedule your discovery call below and I’ll get in touch with your next steps! You’ll fill out some forms (online - no printer needed!) and we’ll schedule your first session.